Province of Bava

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A fairly liberal province, it was the home of the first President, Ken Kerns, who, as Governor, used his powers to increase the minimum wages, thereby loosing much industry to Lasteria and Menet. He increased testing standards, and state loans for education. Bava is the birthplace of the (since defunct) Socialist Party and formerly boasted one of Cyberia's finest institutions of higher education, Bava State University (destroyed in Civil War II). It has a wealthy commercial industry to the East, and many small farms to the West.

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Governor's Profile:
Name: Purple Cyberian

Election Facts: Interim Governor (August 2005)

Elected in July 2006, Suceeding Justin A. Case.  Served as Secretary of State March - July 2006.

First came to promenance as leader of the "Purple Cadre" resistance group, fighting the Oligarchy. His tactics included heavy satire and ridicule of regime leaders.