Cyberian Military

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Cyberian Military

Many people have claimed that we are nothing more than an egostan full of Plastic Soldiers. Plastic Indeed!  Below you can see some of our Cyberian military personel.

General Gunther O'Keefe

An unnamed instructor in our Special Warfare School.

An Air Force Base in Menet

Always on Alert!

Former Dyrian Ambassador

After the Dyrian Invasion, the Ambassador, fearing for his life, defected. Today he is an advisor.

Ceremonial Guard

Here is the commander of the Presidential Ceremonial Guard. 

Fighting the Enemy and Global Warming

The Legislature saving money and the planet.

On Leave

Some of the gang, in mufti, going for a well-earned pineapple soda!

All images have been cleared by the Department of War

Join the Federal Cyberian Army!