Province of Mala

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A largely agrarian province, Mala was once strongly devoted to Anarchism, the political belief in libertarian socialism. After fascist bombing and an unsuccessful socialist Revolution, it was re-named "Felicia" by the Greivist junta, and became their base. The name "Mala" was restored by the Federal Republic. It has become the center in an experiment in quasi-Socialist agricultural co-ops.  It is also well known for its car industry, and several other manufacturing plants.

Mala has become the most fractured province, as the heavily Mala'anje population is torn between Radical Socialism and archconservative Monarchism.

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Governor's Profile
Name: John Lenin

Affiliation: Rosario Front
First elected: July 2006
Notable Facts: Elected Vice President by the Electoral College. Refused the position.

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Flag of the Province of Mala

The Flag of  Mala was adapted from that of the United Provinces of East Cyberia. U.P.E.C. once claimed Mala, and now Mala claims the flag!

Getting Rich? Not in Socialist Mala!