Welcome To the Federal Republic of Cyberia

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The Federal Republic of Cyberia


Is a micronation, a political simulation, if you will. Nobody actually was killed in the three Civil Wars. They were real struggles, however, fought by website, posts, bannings, insult & innuendo. The echoes of these still bring sorrow and anger to many.

The Federal Republic of Cyberia is working to restore the Cyberia of old. Multi-province, multi-cultural, with many shades of political opinion represented in freedom and liberty.

Join us. Help restore the Dream.

All micronationalists of good will are welcome home to the Federal Republic.

The Federal Republic ,unlike other Cyberias, uses the original map drawn by Tim Dunkin in 1997. (Copyright Tim Dunkin and DSSI , 1997, 2007. All rights reserved. Used by permission).

We also use our original position on Earth. (See Cyber-Island Chain on following page.)

We are dedicated to continuing the Original Cyberia, not in engaging in historical revisionism.

The White Cyberia Naval Ensign

This flag is being used by the Navy while debate continues about our national flag and what it should look like.

Feel welcome to peruse this site. Cyberia is one of the oldest nations on the web. We have a long and colourful history. Click the link below to contact our government.

FRC Forum

Most of the day to day business of Cyberia goes on at our Forum. Click the link below.

Each Province, Political Party, and goverment office will have its own sub-forum as we build the new forum.