Province of Lasteria

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Province of Lasteria

Lasteria has become favored by immigrants, which explains its high cosmopolitan population. It is well known for its beaches, and variety of farms. Along its border with Menet, a nuclear plant and an Air Force base can be found. It is also well known for its computer industry. Lasteria was briefly re-named NeuBayern and later forcible  annexed to the neighboring province of Mattimeo by the Oligarchy controlled government of the day. (see History of Anthem below).

The Lasterian Liberation Front kept the issue of Lasterian autonomy alive during the rule of the Oligarchy. Lasteria is enjoying a renaissance as a center of aerospace and energy developement.

During and for a time after the Second Civil War, Lasteria's capital of Southaven served as the headquarters of ProvoCyberia and later the Imperial Dominion of Free Cyberia. Today it houses many attractions including the Kahunamea IV Interperative Center for Mala'anje culture and the Mike Phyle Museum. for the government page
Governor's Profile: Name: Vincent Montjoy

Affiliation: Groucho-Marxist



The Marching Song of the Lasterian Liberation Front

Arise, oh chidren of Lasteria,
The liberation is at hand!
All the Greivist tyrants against us
Have put up IP blocks and some bans!
They've put up their IP blocks and some bans.

Lasterians shall never bow down,
Free people rise up from the dust!
We shall not lightly cast away
Liberty or our freedom of expression.

Post on, Lasterians!
Evade their blocks and bans.
Post on! Their anguished cries
Shall fill our hearts with glee!

Post, post on!
Their anguished cries
Have signalled Victory!

It was during 2000, during the bad old days under the Oligarchy. Lasteria had opposed the powers that be. Many Lasterian citizens fled Cyberia to avoid persecution. In order to punish the Lasterians and cow the other Provinces into submission the identity of Lasteria was destroyed and it was absorbed into another Province.

The Lasterian Liberation Front would not accept this. Thus the Oligarchy helped to create another opponent to their rule.

The Province of Lasteria is today a proud part of the Federal Republic of Cyberia!

The Marching Song has been approved as the Lasterian Provincial Anthem.